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Project Team

Project Manager

Alexandria Payne, M.S., is the Digital Services Manager for the Newport News Public Library System. She is head of the Library's Information Technology group and is primarily responsible for the Library's technology assets, including the web site and Digital Archive.

Usability Specialist

John Curtis, M.L.I.S., is Support Services Manager for the Newport News Public Library System. He is head of the Technical Services department, primarily responsible for acquisitions, cataloging, and processing of the system's print and digital media.


James Messimer, B.S., is an Information Technology Analyst for the Newport News Public Library System. He is responsible for the development of website applications and technology integration within library services.

About StatBase

The Newport News Public Library System (NNPLS) has developed an in-house Open Source alternative to expensive statistical aggregation and reporting tools: StatBase. 

The program, a Joomla framework with contributed modules, is a statistical gathering and display tool for public library use. The StatBase program is a free administrative resource appropriate for small to medium library systems.

StatBase allows Library organizations to maintain a secure, simultaneous access, system for data aggregation and visualization. It's designed to be simple and lightweight - an ideal solution for "small shop" enterprises.

StatBase was released to the public in Q1 2014 via SourceForge. The public release includes developers' documentation, a ReadMe file for installation and usage rights, and details regarding the continued development and support efforts through 2015. For questions or support please contact us.

Citation: Alexandria PayneJohn Curtis, (2014) "StatBase: library statistics made easy", Library Hi Tech, Vol. 32 Iss: 3, pp.546 - 559.

StatBase is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Libraries are free to use, share, and even modify the software package provided they attribute and share the work under a similar license.


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