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Publisher 201: Welcome To Publisher 2010

Learn the the basics to Microsoft Publisher 2010. Discover how to create a wide variety of desktop publishing projects such as newsletters, brochures, cards and more.

Publisher 2010 Course Syllabus

Microsoft Office Publisher  2010

 Online Video Tutorial

Course Length: 38 minutes


Course Description:

A course designed to introduce the student to desktop publishing using Publisher. Students learn basic typesetting and page layout techniques.


Course Requirements:

Prerequisites: Computer Basics 101 and Word 201


Publisher Basics

1: Getting to Know Publisher 2010  (4:07 minutes)

2: Producing a Publication (5:01 minutes)

3: Printing and Publishing in Publisher 2010 (4:35 minutes)

4: Creating a New Publication(4:35 minutes)


Common Tasks in Publisher

5: Working with Text  (4:53 minutes)

6: Working with Shapes and Objects (3:13 minutes)

7: Arranging Objects (3:37 minutes)

8: Working with Pictures(4:35 minutes)

9: Working with Tables (4:01 minutes)

Wendy Bright

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