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Newport News Public Library: Library Cards

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Use your Library Card Number and Password (Date of Birth: MMDDYY) to request and renew materials.

Don't have a library card? Get one here. 

Organization Library Membership

Membership and Library Cards


Library Card

Join the Library Today!

Your library card is your key to access materials, digital media, public computers, and much more. The possibilities are limitless - get your card today! 


The following individuals are eligible to receive a library card:

  • Any resident of the City of Newport News
  • Any verifiable resident of the State of Virginia
  • Any out-of-state resident with a verifiable local address
  • There is no minimum age for a child to receive a library card.

There are two types of library memberships: E-Memberships & Standard Memberships. For either type of membership, begin by registering here.

With E-Memberships, you can now have immediate access to e-books, e-audiobooks, and other digital resources without ever setting foot inside one of our branches. After registering here, you will not receive a physical library card. You will use the user name that you created and your PIN which will be emailed to you (an email address is required).  That is all you need to do to have access to our digital resources.

If you ever decide you want to upgrade to a standard library membership, which allows you to access all our digital resources plus check out physical materials, use our public computers and borrow materials through interlibrary loan, start by registering here for a new standard library membership. Then visit one of our branches and bring an acceptable form of ID.



I agree:
  • To be responsible for all materials borrowed with my card.
  • To pay all fines and fees associated with my card.
  • To report changes in my account information.
  • To report the loss, theft, or abuse of my card immediately.
I understand that I am responsible for all fines and fees and any items
checked out on my card prior to being reported lost or stolen.


Acceptable ID:

The following sources are acceptable for proof of name and address:

  • driver's license – Primary source
  • state ID card
  • automobile registration
  • IDENT-A-KID card
  • Newport News Redevelopment & Housing Authority pictured ID’s




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