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Newport News Public Library: Get a Library Card

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Your library card is your key to access materials, digital media, 

public computers, and so much more! 

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Use your Library Card Number and Password (Date of Birth: MMDDYY) to request and renew materials.

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Interlibrary Loan

Borrow Material from other Libraries!

In order to request an item through Interlibrary Loan (ILL), you must have a valid Newport News library card in good standing. Please also keep in mind the following:

  1. Only one item request per form
  2. Items published during the current year cannot be borrowed through ILL
  3. The due date is set by the lending library
  4. Renewal requests must be submitted one week before the due date and is determined by the lending library
  5. You may borrow and/or request up to 5 items through ILL at a time
  6. Overdue ILL items will be charged .50 per day late fine, with a two day grace period - Maximum overdue fine per item is $15.00
  7. A $1.00 fee will be assessed for each ILL request
  8. Requests can sometimes take 2-6 weeks to be filled 

If you need help with the ILL form, please call 757-369-6810  for assistance.

                 ILL Form

Join the Newport News Public Library

The following individuals are eligible to receive a library card:
  • Any resident of the City of Newport News
  • Any verifiable resident of the State of Virginia
  • Any out-of-state resident with a verifiable local address
  • There is no minimum age for a child to receive a library card.

There are two types of library memberships: E-Memberships & Standard Memberships. For either type of membership, begin by registering here.

With E-Memberships, you can now have immediate access to e-books, e-audiobooks, and other digital resources without ever setting foot inside one of our branches. After registering, you will not receive a physical library card. You will use the user name that you created and your PIN which will be emailed to you (an email address is required).  That is all you need to do to have access to our digital resources.

If you ever decide you want to upgrade to a Standard Library Membership, which allows you to access all our digital resources plus check out physical materials, use our public computers and borrow materials through interlibrary loan, start by registering here for a new standard library membership. Then visit one of our branches and bring an acceptable form of ID.



I agree:

  • To be responsible for all materials borrowed with my card.
  • To pay all fines and fees associated with my card.
  • To report changes in my account information.
  • To report the loss, theft, or abuse of my card immediately.

I understand:

  • That I am responsible for all fines and fees and any items checked out on my card prior to being reported lost or stolen.
  • That if I am a parent or guardian registering a minor (17 years old or younger), I acknowledge that the minor is applying for a library card which enables him/her to borrow and access materials, including electronic resources such as computer with Internet access, provided by Newport News Public Libraries.

Acceptable Forms of ID:

The following sources are acceptable for proof of name and address:

  • driver's license – Primary source
  • state ID card
  • automobile registration
  • IDENT-A-KID card
  • Newport News Redevelopment & Housing Authority pictured ID’s


Materials may be renewed up to three times, as long as no one else has requested the item. Use the following methods to renew items:

  • Visit the library’s Online Catalog
  • Call 597-2917 for our automated 24/7 phone service
  • Visit your local Library

To renew through the web page or via the 24/7 automated phone service, you will need to know your library card number and your PIN/password. In order to establish a PIN/password, please visit one of our libraries. A PIN/Password cannot be established over the phone.

If you have borrowed an item from a library outside of Newport News, through our Interlibrary Loan service, you must contact the branch where you picked up the item.

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